Besides being a successful stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan is also the most popular podcaster in the world, with an audience bigger than many legacy media organizations.

Due to his popularity and celebrity status, people from all around the world are interested not just in his professional activity, but in his personal life too.

This page tries to answer some of these questions, so that you don’t have to wonder too much.

Questions about Joe Rogan’s Financial Situation

What is Joe Rogan’s Net Worth?

Before his exclusive deal with Spotify in 2020, people estimated that Joe Rogan was making around 5 million USD per year with his YouTube channel. His exclusive deal with Spotify is estimated at $200 million for three years. With these figures in mind, people estimate his current net worth (in 2022) at around 150 million USD.

How much did Joe Rogan make from Fear Factor

Joe Rogan presented the American TV Show “Fear Factor” between 2001 and 2006. Even though he never publicly said how much money he earned during his time with Fear Factor, he did mention that he was very pleased with his salary. The money that Joe Rogan was being paid for Fear Factor afforded him the luxury of working on his stand-up material without the stress of paying rent.

Does Joe Rogan own other businesses?

Rogan is a co-founder of the supplements and fitness company Onnit (view on Amazon), which was sold to Unilever in 2021. Rogan frequently advertises for Onnit products on his podcast.

Questions about Joe Rogan’s Personal Life

Where does Joe Rogan live?

Joe Rogan moved to Lake Austin, Texas in 2020, after purchasing a home for $14 million. Before that he lived with his family in a $5 million home in Bell Canyon, California.

How tall is Joe Rogan?

People estimate the height of Joe Rogan to be around 5’7 feet tall, equal to 172 cm (1.72m).

How old is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan was born on August 11, 1967. In 2022 he will turn 55 years old.

Who is Joe Rogan’s wife?

Not much is known about Joe Rogan’s family life. His wife’s name is Jessica Ditzel. They married in 2009 and have three children.

Questions about the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

How to listen to Joe Rogan’s Podcast?

You can listen and watch the Joe Rogan Experience podcast exclusively on Spotify. Some older episodes and short clips are available on YouTube on his PowerfulJRE channel.

How many people listen to Joe Rogan?

It is estimated that in 2022 every Joe Rogan Podcast episode has an average of 11 million listeners. Before leaving YouTube, some of his most popular episodes were reaching ~60 million views.

Questions about Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club

What is the name of Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club?

The comedy club owned by Joe Rogan is known as the Comedy Mothership, a premier comedy venue in Austin, Texas, that attracts comedians from all over the globe and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for comedy enthusiasts.

What is the location of the comedy club?

You can find the Comedy Mothership in downtown Austin, Texas, on Sixth Street, nestled between San Jacinto Blvd and Trinity Street. Housed in the historic Ritz Theater, its address is 320 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701.