Guests: Episodes with Suzanne Santo

Suzanne Santo, a versatile artist known for her unique sound that blends Americana, Southern-gothic soul, and rock & roll, has never shied away from exploring new territory. With a rich history that includes a childhood in the Rust Belt, a decade as part of the L.A.-based duo HoneyHoney, and a solo career marked by her acclaimed album Ruby Red, Santo has established herself as an Americana innovator. Her latest album, Yard Sale, showcases her growth as an artist and embraces the present.

Santo wrote Yard Sale, her second solo release, while touring with Hozier, an experience that she describes as a “game-changer” for her musicianship and career. The album features a mix of songs written in various locations and captures her emotional and physical journey. After returning to Los Angeles, Santo wasted no time in heading back to the studio to work on the album with producer John Spiker.

Despite feeling lonely in Los Angeles and experiencing changes in her personal life, Santo moved to Austin and continued writing songs for Yard Sale. The album features collaborations with local talents like Shakey Graves and Gary Clark Jr., and showcases a range of emotions and experiences.

Yard Sale represents a turning point for Santo, as she makes peace with her past and embraces a better, bolder present. From her early days as a model and actress to her time with HoneyHoney and her solo career, Santo has been on a rollercoaster ride, fearlessly following her gut and creating music that resonates with listeners.