Guests: Episodes with Ryan Long

Ryan Long is a hilarious comedian based in New York City, and he’s got the views to prove it! He’s the mastermind behind the popular show ‘The Boyscast with Ryan Long‘, and he releases new comedy sketches on his website every Monday morning.

Ryan has created, starred in, and run hit shows like ‘Torontopia’ and ‘THAT GUY’ on CBC Comedy, and ‘Ryan Long is Challenged’ on BITE TV. He’s even produced stand-up specials and headlined clubs across North America. Ryan has performed at some of the biggest comedy festivals, and he’s made appearances on networks like MTV and NETFLIX. In 2019, he was able to immigrate to the US from Canada thanks to his impressive career, and he’s quickly become a well-known name in the New York comedy scene.

With all of his accomplishments, it’s no wonder Ryan was nominated for ‘Director of the Year’ at The Notable Awards.