Guests: Episodes with Ron DeSantis

Governor Ron DeSantis, a Florida native with humble beginnings, has proven himself as a leader committed to the American ideals of freedom, integrity, and service. His journey began in Dunedin, where he was raised by working-class parents. From there, his ambition led him to distinguished academic achievements at Yale and Harvard. His commitment to service is evident from his stint in the U.S. Navy, where he earned notable commendations, including the Bronze Star Medal.

His public service journey extended with his election to Congress in 2012. He passionately advocated for government accountability, term limits, and a balanced budget amendment. His time in Congress was marked by his determination to uphold conservative values, as he boldly addressed the weaponization of IRS and scrutinized agencies peddling the “Russia collusion” narrative.

Governor DeSantis’ tenure as Florida’s 46th Governor since 2018 highlights his unwavering commitment to Floridians. He has taken commendable measures, from safeguarding livelihoods amidst the pandemic to ensuring Florida’s election integrity. His vision has transformed the state with a focus on freedom, parental rights, education, and security. This includes his stance against CRT, support for 2nd Amendment rights, and comprehensive measures to counter threats from the CCP.

His leadership prowess shone bright in the 2022 elections, where he secured a landmark victory, flipping historically blue counties to red. His appeal soared across various demographics, emphasizing his broad-based support.

Beyond politics, DeSantis is a devoted family man, married to Emmy-winning anchor, Casey DeSantis, with whom he shares the joy of parenting their three children.

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