Guests: Episodes with Paul Rosolie

Paul Rosolie is a renowned naturalist, explorer, author, and wildlife filmmaker with over 16 years of experience in documenting threatened ecosystems and species across various countries including Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Peru. His deep exploration into the Amazon led him to travel with poachers, shedding light on the illegal trade of endangered species. His memoir “Mother of God”, which delves into Amazonian wildlife and exploration, received praise from eminent personalities such as Jane Goodall. The Wall Street Journal lauded it for its compelling environmental messaging. In 2013, while receiving an award for his Amazonian wildlife short-film “An Unseen World”, he addressed the United Nations global Forum on Forests. He founded Junglekeepers Peru, an initiative that has so far preserved over 55,000 acres of primary forest in western Amazonia.

By 2014, Paul had released his acclaimed memoir “Mother of God”. A few years later, after extensive conservation work in India and Peru, he penned his second book in 2019, “The Girl and the Tiger”. This literary fiction work is inspired by the real-life incident of an Indian girl reaching out to Paul upon discovering three orphaned tiger cubs.

Additionally, the forthcoming arthouse film “Dark Green” portrays Paul’s solitary expedition deep into the Amazon jungle. Here, drawing on the knowledge bestowed upon him by indigenous mentors, he embarks on a profound self-reflective journey. Moving beyond the chaos and devastation, he ventures into pristine wilderness, attempting to internalize and later convey the pressing need to preserve these invaluable forests. Such solo journeys, as Paul describes, allow him to recalibrate his understanding of nature, recharge, and reignite his passion for the wild, which he shares with the world.