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Kurt Angle, born on December 9, 1968, in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is a former Olympic gold medalist, professional wrestler, and actor/stunt coordinator. From a young age, influenced by his older wrestling brothers and fueled by the tragic loss of his father, Kurt was determined to overcome obstacles and become a champion. Despite facing a series of personal and physical challenges, including a broken neck just before the 1996 Olympics, he won the Olympic Gold Medal on July 29, 1996, with a “broken freakin’ neck.”

After the Olympics, Kurt transitioned to professional wrestling, joining WWF and quickly rising to fame. He became the first wrestler to hold the WCW and WWF Championships during the same calendar year. Despite his success in wrestling, Kurt battled drug and alcohol addiction due to chronic pain from injuries sustained during his career. In 2013, he sought help and successfully completed rehab, crediting his wife and family for his resolve to remain clean.

Throughout his career, Kurt achieved remarkable feats, including induction into the TNA and WWE Halls of Fame and becoming the second-ever TNA Triple Crown Champion. In 2019, he retired from professional wrestling and currently works as a backstage producer for WWE and as an actor and stunt coordinator for movies and television.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #2036 – Kurt Angle

    Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medalist, retired professional wrestler, actor, and host of "The Kurt Angle Show." Watch his new documentary "Angle" streaming on Peacock.

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