Guests: Episodes with Kari Lake

Kari Lake, raised in Iowa as one of nine children by a teacher and a nurse, developed an early understanding of hard work. Her fascination with individual narratives led her to a 27-year career in journalism. She made a significant move when she distanced herself from the mainstream media, accusing it of bias. In 2022, she ventured into politics, running for the Governorship of Arizona with the backing of former President Donald J. Trump. Kari’s campaign centered on Arizona’s prominence, encompassing secure borders, energy self-sufficiency, public safety, a balanced educational approach, opposition to policies introduced under President Biden, and the preservation of Arizona’s unique western culture. Asserting herself as a representative for the often-overlooked majority, she pushes against what she views as the radical left’s attempts to infringe upon individual liberties. Lake envisions Arizona as a model for implementing America First strategies across the nation.

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