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James Reed is a passionate filmmaker, placing immense value on the synergy of story and character, and pairing it with top-notch technical expertise. Prior to founding Underdog Films, James delved into various film genres, ranging from observational documentaries to esteemed natural history features for Disney as a freelance producer-director.

In 2015, Reed established Underdog Films to create ‘JAGO – A LIFE UNDERWATER’. This film, a genuine independent venture, was a culmination of shared enthusiasm and trust amongst James and his team. Triumphing against stiff competition, Jago clinched the Best Film title at the 2015 Jackson Hole Film Festival, earning the Grand Teton Award. Furthermore, its commercial success saw it being picked up by major platforms like Netflix, BBC, and Smithsonian, amongst others.

Post ‘JAGO’, Reed’s filmmaking journey saw more accolades. He directed ‘RISE OF THE WARRIOR APES’, which bagged multiple awards including the coveted Golden Panda at Wildscreen 2018. James also played pivotal roles in other acclaimed projects: he executive produced the adventure series ‘CHASING OCEAN GIANTS’ for Animal Planet, directed the Oscar-winning documentary ‘MY OCTOPUS TEACHER’ for Netflix, and both produced and directed the well-received ‘CHIMP EMPIRE’ series for Netflix.

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    Joe Rogan Experience #1988 – James Reed

    James Reed is a filmmaker whose works include "My Octopus Teacher," "Rise of the Warrior Apes," and "Jago: A Life Underwater." His new documentary series "Chimp Empire" is streaming on Netflix now.

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