Guests: Episodes with Forrest Galante

Forrest Galante’s journey from the African plains to becoming a renowned wildlife biologist is truly awe-inspiring. Born in California in 1988, Galante’s early months were spent in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he grew up on a diverse farm. Here, he indulged in activities like snake-catching, fishing, and rugby. His mother, one of Africa’s pioneering female safari guides and pilots, regularly took him on safaris, cementing his love for wildlife. This passion manifested early, as at just 14, Galante led an international canoe safari down the Zambezi River.

However, the political unrest in Zimbabwe in 2001 forced his family out of their home and back to California. Galante then embraced free diving and spearfishing, earning a reputation in the underwater community. This adventurer went on to break six pole spear world records and earned certifications in SCUBA diving, ship captaining, and emergency medical training. After obtaining a biology degree from UC Santa Barbara, with a focus on marine biology and herpetology, Galante embarked on a globetrotting expedition. He ventured into 46 remote areas, engaging with rare wildlife but also facing perilous situations that landed him in hospitals more than once.

Back in California, his commitment to endangered species led him to high-risk wildlife biology fieldwork. His expertise and adventures were broadcasted to a wider audience when he appeared on Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid”, where he achieved one of the highest PSRs. Later, he hosted “Extinct or Alive” on Animal Planet, a series dedicated to finding animals presumed extinct. Impressively, since 2018, he has found evidence proving the existence of eight such species.

Galante remains dedicated to his mission, conducting expeditions and striving to educate the masses about wildlife and adventures. Through hosting shows on Animal Planet, on-camera expert interviews, his own wildlife-centric shows, and an active social media presence, he continues to spread knowledge and passion for the natural world.

His book Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery is available now.