Guests: Episodes with David Cross

David Cross is a multifaceted talent in American entertainment, known for his stand-up comedy, acting, directing, and writing. Born on April 4, 1964, in Roswell, Georgia, he had a challenging upbringing marked by financial struggles and family separation. Cross began his career in stand-up comedy at 17, eventually finding his niche in alternative comedy circles in Boston and New York. He gained fame and critical acclaim with the HBO sketch series “Mr. Show” and as Tobias F√ľnke in the sitcom “Arrested Development.”

Beyond TV, Cross has an impressive filmography, including roles in the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” franchise and voice-over work in movies like “Kung Fu Panda.” He’s also ventured into directing, notably his film “Hits,” which he released innovatively through BitTorrent and Kickstarter. His comedy often blends satire and political commentary, and he’s been nominated for various awards including Grammys and Emmys. Cross has released multiple comedy albums, authored a book, and even explored radio and music video directing, making him a jack-of-all-trades in comedy and entertainment.

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