Guests: Episodes with Colion Noir

Meet Colion Noir, the man who has turned the world of gun rights activism into a stylish and entertaining endeavor. This Houston native is not just a lawyer, but also a host of the web series NOIR and the NRA’s “most prominent black commentator.” But don’t let his fancy suits and smooth talking fool you, Noir is a fierce advocate for the 2nd amendment and the right to self-defense.

Noir’s journey to becoming a gun rights activist began in law school, where he first became interested in firearms. Fast forward a few years and the NRA recruited him to appear in their videos and speak at their convention. Now, he’s the curator of the #ThePewPewLife brand, which, let’s be honest, sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

But despite the cool branding, Noir’s message is serious. He uses his videos to convey complex arguments about our constitutional rights in a way that’s easy to understand and entertaining. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending political battle to preserve gun rights, just remember, Noir’s got your back. And he’ll do it in style.