Guests: Episodes with Christopher Rufo

Christopher F. Rufo is a notable conservative activist, writer, and filmmaker with a focus on opposing critical race theory and gender ideology. He recently launched a Substack to share his work, including journalism, videos, and activism campaigns, while engaging directly with his audience. Rufo aims to challenge what he sees as a left-wing ideological dominance in American institutions, advocating for a society prioritizing freedom, creativity, and family values. His mission is driven by the belief that moral courage can combat cultural chaos and revitalize conservative principles.

Rufo has influenced public policy against critical race theory, inspiring legislation in multiple states and a presidential order. He has a background in documentary filmmaking and is widely recognized in conservative circles, appearing frequently in major media outlets. His roles include Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and trustee of New College of Florida. Educated at Georgetown and Harvard, Rufo enjoys outdoor pursuits with his family in the Pacific Northwest.