Guests: Episodes with Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a man on a mission. He’s on a quest to become the “Ultimate Predator” and he’s not messing around. This guy is a hunting machine, and he’s not content with just shooting a few deer in the backyard. No, Cameron’s passion is for bowhunting the remote wildernesses of the West and Alaska. And he’s not just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk.

Cameron’s training regimen for his backcountry bowhunts is nothing short of insane. He shoots his bow every single day of the year, and he trains in the weight room 7-days a week. And during the off-season, he runs 100-mile ultra marathons in the mountains to toughen up for the mental and physical test that he’ll face in the backcountry. His goal is to become the best hunter he can be, and he’s not content with just hitting the target, he’s aiming to become the ultimate predator.

Cameron’s dedication and motivation have inspired thousands of hunters through his writings, television appearances and social media postings. He’s been featured at widespread hunter’s gatherings, hosted TV shows, been featured in TV commercials, self-published two books, produced DVDs and has released a line of popular hunting/fitness clothing.

Cameron’s life is devoted year-round to preparation. He trains intensively for that one, split-second chance to land an arrow on the mark. More often than not, one chance is all he gets when bowhunting in front of the camera. But that pressure is something he’s come to crave and love.

Outdoorsmen have come to respect his knowledge and look forward to his stories, and fitness advocates appreciate his drive to be the very best he can be and push others to do the same. Cameron has based his life and career around the things he loves: writing, self-improvement, photography/filming, his family, and bowhunting the backcountry.

So, if you’re ever in the backcountry and you see a guy running 100 miles in the mountains, shooting a bow every day and lifting weights 7 days a week, you’ll know it’s Cameron Hanes, the ultimate predator. And if you’re lucky, he might just take you along on one of his bowhunting adventures. Just make sure you’re in shape, because it’s not for the faint of heart.