Guests: Episodes with Bridget Phetasy

Bridget Phetasy, born November 15, 1978, wears many hats – writer, podcast host, and political commentator. Her pen dives deep into topics like political polarization, addiction, and media changes. She’s got her writing fingerprints all over publications like The Spectator, The Federalist, Playboy, and The Atlantic, to name a few. On the screen, she hosts the Weekly Dumpster Fire on YouTube and chats with guests on the Walk-Ins Welcome podcast.

Bridget was born into a blended Irish and Italian Catholic family and is the eldest of five siblings. As a kid, she bounced between Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Minnesota, thanks to her family’s frequent moves. Her teen years were tough; her parents split when she was 12, and she faced some personal traumas and battled heroin addiction.

As she grew older, her fight with addiction expanded to other substances, which continued until her mid-30s. In the middle of all this, in 2005, she launched a greeting card and t-shirt brand called Phetasy. While the business eventually wrapped up, she decided to keep Phetasy as her surname. Bridget’s work got her into Playboy Magazine, penning the Sex and Dating Column.