Guests: Episodes with Ari Shaffir

Ari Shaffir is a multifaceted American entertainer—comedian, actor, podcaster, writer, and producer. Born in New York City to a Jewish family with Romanian roots, he grew up initially following Conservative Jewish traditions until his family moved to Maryland and adopted Orthodox practices. A college graduate with an English Literature degree, Shaffir tried his hand at comedy in his early twenties before relocating to Los Angeles to chase a career in stand-up. He slowly climbed the comedy ranks while working at The Comedy Store, eventually becoming a paid regular.

In his career, he’s worn many hats, from hosting and producing his own TV show “This Is Not Happening” to serving as a frequent guest and collaborator with Joe Rogan. His podcasts include “Skeptic Tank,” where he dives deep into various topics with expert guests, and “Punch Drunk Sports,” a sports podcast co-hosted with fellow comedians. Shaffir gained initial fame with his viral video series “The Amazing Racist” and opened for notable comedians like Joe Rogan and Bill Burr.

He has released multiple comedy albums and specials, with “Double Negative” landing on Netflix in 2017. While he has ventured into acting and appeared in commercials and a feature film, his primary focus remains on stand-up comedy.