Joe Rogan Experience #2138 – Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is the host of the “Tucker Carlson Podcast” and the leading voice in American politics. After spending nearly 30 years in cable news as a host at Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, he is reshaping the media landscape with his newly founded online media company, Tucker Carlson Network, dedicated to telling the truth.

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  1. NeverGiveUpNow Reply

    26:00 I have the same kind question, who was the first guy who start to collecting gold?

    1:13:27 That guy was a huge fan of The Jungle Book, Baloo(The bear in the story) did the same thing but on trees :)

    2:55:00 We living in trans democracy, we think we have democracy but is actually something else, delusion as trans they living in also delusion.

    That was pretty good podcast, thank you!

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