Joe Rogan Experience #2070 – Evan Hafer

Evan Hafer is a Special Forces veteran, founder/CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, and one of the hosts of the "Black Rifle Coffee Podcast."

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  1. Miles Carlsen Reply

    Great interview. Listened to discussion on There Will Be Blood – perhaps one of the best movies ever made full stop. The guys were talking about final bowling alley scene. By coincidence, the movie was on the tube after Hafer episode and of course I had to take my 50th look at the movie. Point where I join it never matters because it’s so damn good. And I was reminded that the movie starts with him sitting on the ground at dawn in the middle of a cold, still prairie like a savage hunting for oil and the movie ends with him sitting like a savage on the floor of the bowling alley. Full circle – another reason its likely the best movie ever made.

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