Joe Rogan Experience #2051 – Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a researcher, journalist, and author of over a dozen books including "Magicians of the Gods" and "Visionary." He can be seen on the Netflix series, "Ancient Apocalypse."

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3 Replies to “Joe Rogan Experience #2051 – Graham Hancock”

  1. Michael Hrdina Reply

    It would be great if you could get an second opinion on these archeologic topics, miniminuteman on yt did a great multi episode analyze and has even visited some of the places shown in the documentary and has spoken to some of the specialists of these sites.

    Have a nice day

  2. Del Walsh Reply

    Please can you share the link provided by Graham at 2:22:00 talking about New Nortics?

  3. Dan Beasley Reply

    What happened to the debate that was supposed to happen on the 24th of October?

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