Joe Rogan Experience #2029 – Bill Maher

Bill Maher is a comedian, political commentator, the host of HBO's "Real Time with Maher" and his own podcast, "Club Random." Catch him in residency at the David Copperfield Theatre at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 15 and 16 and November 3 and 4.

4 Replies to “Joe Rogan Experience #2029 – Bill Maher”

  1. LUKE OJA Reply

    This is just a sad podcast! Bill Maher has lost his touch with the average American. Must suck to be making millions of dollars during this writing strike and still have the audacity to still think joe Biden isent a criminal! Trump is also a Fuck but you have to realize that as a middle class male in this world we are fucked! Be a man joe, this was a sad podcast to listen to.

  2. Kalen Hill Reply

    This was an eye-opening and very telling podcast, and it clearly demonstrated that Bill Maher isn’t near as factual, or as intelligent as we may have believed. He abused the ignorance of the host while making false claims and absurd and inaccuracies, while depending on the lack of knowledge on Joe‘s part. Joe didn’t know what to properly ask, and that was a shame. He attempted to make the case against Trump and completely glossed over any criminal wrongdoing of our current president and his family. He pretended that January 6 was and is the most dangerous occurrence in American history. All while either ignoring or truly not knowing that this has been a set up.

    • Joshua Reply

      How do you say someone isn’t factual, then follow it up with January 6th was a set up….like, wow. There are people who were there on Jan 6th, who are NOW in prison, who have said “yeah that was a dumb thing to do” lol. We have factual evidence it wasn’t a set up, yet you believe it is. This tell me Bill Maher is factual, simply because you don’t believe him.

  3. Brent Reply

    I’ve seen rogan set people straight with proven facts and with what he believes. He let maher walk all over him didn’t ask maher any questions or challenge him what so ever about all the liberal propaganda he was spitting out of his mouth. I was very disappointed with rogan this is one of his worst episodes ever and I was glad it was one of the shortest

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