Joe Rogan Experience #2004 – Ice Cube

Ice Cube is a rapper, songwriter, actor, filmmaker, and founder of the 3-on-3, half-court basketball league BIG3. 

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  1. Sam Reply

    Jamie probably did pull it up and saw it was BlackRock and gave Rogan the “shhh, we can’t say BR on-air” lip-synch signal. Since BR is a major shareholder of YT.
    My uncle Jim (RIP) used to say to me all the time. There’s a war on the middle class. There will be civil war. There will be blood in the streets. I said, nah, nah, nah. OMG! He was right. 15 years ago. How did he know?
    You have to ask why. My opinion is that those who hold power are pushing for socialism or worse communism. Think about it. How would you control the masses. Take away the power of the majority of society, the middle class’s power. Give the poor, homeless, addicted and destitute free stuff, and give the rich more money and more power. What does that sound like? It sounds like Venezuela, China, Russia, Columbia, North Korea. Or any other dictatorship under the guise of “caring and giving the people in need, what they want.” What they need is freedom to do what they want to do. But society has been brainwashed to think that they work too hard and they can’t acquire wealth or success because of the rich white men. When in reality, it is those rich corporations along with government that are “giving” the people what they need and bashing down anyone with a small or medium sized family business or a job into “compliance”. Many believe this is the root cause. These are the VERY reasons we left Britain to form the US. Except we have no new world to claim. We have nowhere to move to, or away from this debauchery and oppressive control. I also believe this is the wake up call Americans need to wake up, stand up, stand firm and tall, together. Because united we stand, divided we fall.

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