Joe Rogan Experience #1999 – Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an attorney, founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance and Children’s Health Defense, author, and 2024 candidate for the office of the President of the United States of America.

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  1. Gen Reply

    I’m half way through the podcast and I’m so sad, learning about all the disease and shit…. I wanna say now I kinda understand why the Kennedy assassinations took place…😶‍🌫️ Dude I won’t be surprised if he even has a Kennedy moment 🫥

    But we need someone like that I guess… 🙃

  2. Tony Olivieri Reply

    Joe, to learn more on radiofrequencies/wifi harms and dangers, watch “Take Back Your Power” by Josh Del Sol, I think he put that out in 2012. Excelent documentary filled with valuable information. One thing examined/uncovered is the relationship between “smart meters” and sudden infant death syndrome. With the smartmeter just opposite the bedroom wall from the baby’s crib, many children have died suddenly….

  3. Ashley Howell Reply

    Can you post links to all the studies Kennedy references

    • AJ Reply

      Ditto – that would be wonderful, thank you!

    • LT Reply

      Many of the studies cited can be accessed via Children’s Health Defense and the Highwire.

    • LT Reply

      Also you can find many of the studies mentioned at iCAN

  4. Nana Reply

    I truly applaud you for taking on someone as heavily censored as Robert Kenndy on your huge platform. Thank you for continuously exercising free speech.

    Big love from London.

  5. Gunnar Forsgren Reply

    Listening to it I practiced in my mind generating subtitles for the video and found I would probably be able to pull it through with good accuracy with the aid of a few Google searches to get some names spelled right.
    But it is a massive undertaking and I would be unable to fend against learning more about the vaccine industry than what reflects my own interest in it. But a noble cause for humanity. Maybe such inadvertant learning is a fate of many who would do subtitling as a profession.

  6. Giovanni Rueda Reply

    I have never voted for the Democratic Party in my 44 years of life. I have voted for Trump twice. If there is a race between Trump and RKJ, I would consider voting for RKJ.

  7. Kim N California Reply

    Dear Joe,
    Please continue to have the balls to have Robert Kennedy Jr. and others like him on the show. We need to hear people who have submersed themselves in issues and can speak intellectually. I have lost my trust in most “scientist” because many rely on pharmaceutical companies to fund them. Well done. I am a diehard Libertarian, but if the Dems have the cajones to nominate Kennedy, I’m voting for him.

  8. Nathan Shoemake Reply

    What is the URL for RFK Jr.’s website with more information?

    Not Assuming it still exists, looking for his website that was apparently live prior to his presidential campaign. For example, on this public website, he talked about a copy of a letter addressed to him from government (cannot recall which agency) regarding vaccines and (lack of pre-licensure) safety testing. Curious to see what he has shared about this and other claims.

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