Joe Rogan Experience #1964 – Rick Doblin

Rick Doblin, Ph.D., is the Founder in 1986 and President of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), a nonprofit that wholly owns its pharmaceutical arm, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which has completed two highly successful Phase 3 studies of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. MAPS PBC stands at a crossroads between obtaining the additional resources it needs from philanthropy, ensuring public benefit is foremost, or becoming a publicly traded company.

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  1. jpsendall Reply

    There’s some unsaid stuff here. First there have been incidents of sexual boundaries being crossed badly in therapeutic situations that need to be answered by Doblin and MAPS as said therapists are working under the MAPS banner. Secondly if the MDMA licencing does go through will it mean that therapeutic MDMA can only be supplied my MAPS, thereby MAPS securing a monopoly on MDMA supply? If that’s true it looks like a typical corporate cash grab under the guise of therapy.

    • Rhonda Rhoades Reply

      I am actually a student of the current fourth cohort, training to be a certified psychedelic assisted psychotherapist. We have had discussions about the sexual boundary crossing you mentioned. Within this training, we do a heavy amount of ethics training, as I know the individuals involved in this case did as well. There is only so much an organization can do to ensure the employee(s), do not cross ethical boundaries. Having a member of an organization cross ethical boundaries does not mean the organization condones this, and it absolutely doesn’t mean this is Rick Doblin’s fault or that others will act in this way as well. This is said for any organization. People make bad decisions, it’s too bad you want to blame the organization for the choices of an individual(s). And yes, this has been and is being addressed. Also, are you seriously thinking MAPS will be supplying MDMA?!!! Hmmm. That’s not how things work. Are they also going to be the only source of Ketamine, psylocibin, ayahuasca, peyote, ect… Trained organizations (corporate/private, non-profit, ect) will need to be licensed to for many different aspects of these treatments (grow, distribute, ect); we’ll even need mandatory visits from the DEA, to make sure we’re all following guidelines. I am in no way affiliated with MAPS and own my own private practice. Such unfortunate leaps you are making. I recommend doing yourself a favor and taking some time to do some deep dive research before you continue to spread your misinformation and negative speculations.

  2. Marty Riske Reply

    JP Sendall is rated on Scamadvisor for a reason.

    • jpsendall Reply

      Because you peeked my interest so I looked at Scamadvisor and see there’s a reference to a website called which I presume is a Japanese website. I am not Japanese and do not own this site. I am JPSendall because that’s a shortened version of my name Jonathon P Sendall. Clear?

  3. Sylvia Reply

    jpsendall, here’s a statement from MAPS that I found by googling – issued at the time of the first reported incident and later with an update
    MAPS is trying to scale as an org and trying to deploy breakthrough therapeutics in a way that allows the greatest patient access and patient safety; thus they are pursuing (for as long as they can afford…) a non-profit pharmaceutical model. I’m taken aback by how you would view “0 legal MDMA access in most of the world” to a pharmaceutical non-profit potentially getting a 7-year exclusive from the FDA to administer this medicine as “MAPS securing a monopoly”. MAPS, a *non-profit* that for decades has been advocating for psychedelic therapy, decrimin, and harm reduction. MAPS, whose services (Zendo, recently spun out) I and countless others have benefited from at not cost to us. So I’ll ask you this – who if not MAPS should get this 7-year, careful “go” at MDMA therapy? Do you know that as long as they remain a non-profit, they are not beholden to any “investors'” or holders desires for a massive ROI? desires for an exponentially greater bottom line? This is not a corporate cash grab – this is entrusting a powerful medicine to be administered by an organization this is not in it for maximizing profits, rather maximizing patient access in a safe and ethical manner. Also, Rick is not keen on patents; the MDMA manual is public. I’ll leave you with a few things: 1. Take a look at their board. 2. Read this to understand where “corporate cash grabs” may apply in this context and 3. Ask yourself, should we let therapists who acted inappropriately and violated provider/MAPS’ code of ethics diminish the efforts of the organization?

    • jpsendall Reply

      Thanks you for the link and clarification. I said this above to another comment by mistake meanign to reply to yours.

    • jpsendall Reply

      But to add MDMA is not a legal property in terms of a patent I think. So the question remains.

      If passed does MAPS retain the only right to produce lab quality MDMA? As far as I know many labs could do this quite simply.

      My question would be really why only MAPS? There are plenty of orgs out there that have experience and knowledge. I can see why MAPS have established procedures and published guidance but they’re not exclusively the only people doing this. I don’t see why only they should have the right to manufacture pharmacological grade MDMA. That to me seems like a fencing off for future gains, or has the potential to be.

      Thanks for the response


    Thank you for doing this podcast! I just graduated with a certificate as a Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapist through IPI where Rick Doblin was on the faculty. I want to thank Rick for his lifetime of work in this field. I lost a brother through suicide when he was 42 and he had cluster headaches as well as PTSD. This podcast was the first time I had heard about the work of LSD with cluster headaches. Also, the small amount of information about your experiences with 5-MEO DMT has helped me feel more confident as I have an appointment to experience that medicine in a couple of weeks. I have been registered for the Psychedelic Conference since early last fall and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone there and hearing all the speakers. I am continuing to study and learn and experience and share. I am in Texas, so all I can do currently is ketamine- assisted psychotherapy, but I have dedicated the rest of my life, as long as I am able to continuing work in this area. If there is anything I can do to help you, please reach out to me!

  5. Jake Lemon Reply

    I believe Rick Doblin will go down in history as one of the most influential advocates of global harmony of all time. I think he will stand with Gandhi, The Dali Lama and MLK. Interviews like this demonstrate his genius as well as his purity. LONG LIVE RICK DOBLIN!

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