Joe Rogan Experience #1949 – Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a comedian, actor, author, activist, and host of the podcast "Stay Free with Russell Brand."

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  1. Julie Amparan Reply

    Hi Mr. Rogan,

    My husband passed away from Redemsivir poisoning in 2021. He was 39 years old. The hospital did not tell us that he was on this drug or the side effects. They lied to him and told him he was on anti-biotics. There are thousands of people – thousands, who have the same exact story of how their family members were killed – and are STILL – being killed by this drug. They haven’t stopped.

    When my 11 year old son and I watched my husband die through helmets with vents in them, we walked out and the nurses were laughing at us. It is horrifying the things that are happening out there. But if you look, there are thousands of us that have the same exact story. But they tell us “COVID is the kidney killer.” They don’t tell us the host of drugs they are giving people is the kidney killer. It’s atrocious.

    I would encourage you to look up and watch our stories. It’s the same tale over and over of these crimes against humanity all over the U.S. as we are the only country using Redemisvir.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you look into it.

    • Lulu Reply

      I’m so sorry for your loss and the callousness of the “caregivers” who have proven to be anything but. Praying for you for strength for your son and you. Ps 37, 2 Tim 3:8-13

  2. Petar Kovačević Reply

    I find it really bizarre how people conveniently forget certain things, like the “masks aren’t effective” narrative that was being parroted throughout all of the media at the very start of the outbreak, then all of a sudden the whole thing turns around 180 degrees and masks are mandatory. Most of my close friends have no recollection of any of that when I talk to them about it now.

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