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Joe Rogan Experience #1921 – Peter Zeihan

Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist, speaker, and author. His latest book is "The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization."


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14 Replies to “Joe Rogan Experience #1921 – Peter Zeihan”

  1. Dan Reply

    Spotify will not work for me on Brave.

    Is there any other way to listen to this?

    • Malaizyo Muzumala Reply

      I also cant find it, even in spotify itself

    • LNC Reply

      No JRE new episodes past 1921, anyone else experiencing the same?

  2. Nashvin Sooranna Reply

    I’m having the same issue, not appearing on my Spotify 🙁

  3. TH Reply

    Same problem. Is it region locked or something?

  4. Anton Reply

    Same here in Ukraine. Also, I can’t open it via a direct link from google search results either.

  5. Where the episode @ Reply

    Up to date, its unavailable,
    Been trying for a min,
    What’s up??

  6. Santiago Reply

    Can’t see in Spotify, wtf?

  7. Definitely not russian guy Reply

    Spotify has blocked users from Russia. Sucker punch.

  8. Giorgi Gulua Reply

    Can’t access any episodes past 1920. Live in Georgia (country not the state in the US).

  9. Ryan Neal Reply

    No new episodes since 5th of Jan. What’s the deal spotify?

    • Gian Reply

      Same here.

  10. Artashes Reply

    Same problem. Episode 1921 doesn’t appear

  11. Mykyta Reply

    Same problem…
    No episodes after ep.1920 on spotify.

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