Joe Rogan Experience #1918 – John Reeves, from The Boneyard Alaska

John Reeves is an Alaskan gold miner who first came to public prominence on the 2012 National Geographic docu-series "Goldfathers." More recently, his ongoing search for gold uncovered the remains of thousands of Ice Age animals lying beneath the permafrost on his property. The discovery is featured in the 2019 documentary "Boneyard Alaska" and popular Instagram account @theboneyardalaska.

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5 Replies to “Joe Rogan Experience #1918 – John Reeves, from The Boneyard Alaska”

  1. Colleen M Youngblood Reply

    Dude, do you not see the absolute respect and adoration Mr. Reeves has for you? He wanted to let you give out the east river boneyard location and you kind of blew it off. Give this man respect Joe!

  2. Matt Reply

    Jacksonville, Florida checking in… great interview! Thanks

  3. Steven Rafter Reply

    Yea, I kind of felt like you were being slightly dismissive of his straight respect and adoration for you. You never seemed to care beyond a generic, “well, thank you.”

    I still love you, though. You can’t spell, “Jesus Christ” without a J, R and E…

  4. Chris F Reply

    Y’all, give Joe a break will ya? John was fan boying out just a little, understandably, it happens. But it’s also kind of uncomfortable when somebody likes you that much, and I think Joe was just feeling that a little bit. But you know Joe’s got a heart of gold.

    CF ATX

  5. Rob Mills 2 Reply

    One of the funniest interviews ever. Hilarious stories!

    Rob Mills 2

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