Joe Rogan Experience #1897 – Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

Graham Hancock is a researcher, journalist, and author of over a dozen books including "Fingerprints of the Gods" and "America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization." Check out his new Netflix series, "Ancient Apocalypse," on November 11. Randall Carlson is a researcher, master builder, architectural designer, geometrician, and host of the podcast "Kosmographia."

8 Replies to “Joe Rogan Experience #1897 – Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson”

  1. Masoud Reply

    Two legendary guests of JRE

  2. Shawn Wilson Reply

    Everything about this episode inspired me to open my eyes to how important it is to live to our greatest potential. I am happy to be human. I am happy to be alive in this broken but yet so beautiful world. I am happy to experience love and inspire hope for the future of mankind to endure whatever may come our way. I have listened to many of your podcasts while at work and your message remains constant throughout and the inspiration it brings will ring through eternity long after we are gone. Love you brother!

  3. Terese Nehrbauer Reply

    Epic sharing of minds, research, knowledge and wisdom from engagingly personable rascals. Thanks to each of you for advancing true progress.

  4. Tom Peters Reply

    Is the video of the full episode available somewhere? I cannot find it on YouTube…

    • Brent Reply

      Spotify. You can find all full episodes for free

  5. Tim Reply

    My band wrote a song about this.

    In the words of the lyricist:

    The lyrics are mostly a sarcastic attack on the Egyptology establishment. To me it seems like they are closed off to letting any new information into the discussion that would potentially overturn the conventional thinking about who built the pyramids, how old the pyramids are, and how old advanced human civilization may actually go back

  6. Jeff Tomlinson Reply

    What great guest!
    Nailed it with the control factor of the hole covid hoax!
    You have amazing information and the drive to find the truth.
    Thanks you!

  7. Zeljko Reply

    As a mainstream science type of guy, i find Graham very interesting, mostly based on the way in which he speaks about stuff. He emmits this aura of authority, but sadly i think that his hypothesies are simply nonsense in regard to archeological evidence. We all want for reality to be even more amazing than it really is, but from years of enjoying science and delving very deep into evidence for a lot of stuff, i simply dont see Hancocks stories as credible. I think that he falls into a fallacy of “the god of the gaps” type, where he keeps looking for thinks that “dont fit with the mainstream”, and theorises based on these things, where his statemenst dont have any evidence supporting them. Randall on the other hand seems more “scientifically rigorous” than Hancock, and is far more credible in my opinion. Regardless, its always interesting to hear other points of view and other theories about history and other science stuff, but you should always keep in mind that there is a reason that “mainstream science” is backed up with a lot of evidence, while ideas like Grahams are for a reason labeled as pseudoscience, until proven otherwise.

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