Joe Rogan Experience #142 – Graham Hancock, Duncan Trussell

Joe Rogan Live 09/25/11 11:56PM – Captured Live on Ustream at

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  1. Cory EL Reply

    Joe and Duncan I know you’ll never see this but I am a loner in Louisville Ky and all I see around me are hateful selfish attitudes. People live as if they themself are what everyone and everything revolve around. As corny as it may sound,, listening to you and Duncan everyday helps me to get through the days especially the tougher days. Thank you so much guys! You’ve helped me down off the ledge a few times my dudes. Hopefully our paths cross someday.
    And Graham Hancock is such a great man I love this episode, I’ve listened to it more times than I can keep count of. I just ordered Fingerprints of the Gods. I’m going to read every book you wrote. Starting with this one.
    I love you guys! Thanks again!

    Cory Lucas

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